Does Everything Happen for a Reason?

I woke up this morning at 9:00am the same way as most mornings… the dumpster-man being as loud as possible clearing out the trash. My roommate and her home-town friend were sleeping in the same bed and both started screaming at the man. Lucky for him, the sound of the trucks were far too loud to hear the girls.

After breakfast I started to ride my bike to town, but stopped at a bus stop because I saw that the bus to the shopping plaza (which is an hour away) was there. I thought, why not get on the bus?

The fare for the bus was $1.25 and required exact change. All I had was dollar bills, but the generous bus-driver allowed me to just pay $1. I will make sure to repay him on the way back.

5 minutes into the drive, the bus got a flat tire and broke the shock absorbers. Maybe getting on the bus was not a good idea…

Now we have to wait 30-45 minutes for a new bus to come and replace this bus, and the mechanics to fix this bus.

If Nadine were here with me she would say, “The universe is aligning itself and pushing us back in time so were back on the right time.” Hah.

Fortunately, we haven’t left my campus far enough so I still can connect to the free wifi. 🙂


So, did this happen for a reason? There were so many signs that stopped me from getting on this bus, being stuck on the bus, and not getting to the shopping plaza in time.

  1. I wasn’t planning on biking this way, and if I didn’t bike the way I did, I would not have gotten on this bus.
  2. I was going to go to town to sit in the coffee shop and do my accounting homework and study for my marketing exam, but I just felt like getting on the bus.
  3. I didn’t have the right change to take the bus.
  4. I’m carrying my book bag, which holds my laptop and folder full of schoolwork. Not very efficient to be carrying that throughout the plaza.

But I’m so glad I hopped on the bus. Although yes it sucks being stuck on the broken bus especially when I get car-sick, I met some really interesting people.

  1. The bus driver is the cutest little old man, and wanted to change the tire himself and keep driving. This is his only job today: to drive to the shopping plaza, have a two hour break, then drive back.
  2. There is an Asian couple sitting across from me, and they passed time by battling each other on their Nintendo DS’. I didn’t know those still existed.
  3. Sitting next to me are two international students that are friends. One is a guy from Columbia, and another is a girl from a city in France, a place that I cannot pronounce nor spell. She has a deeper voice, but the prettiest accent. They talked the entire time about all different kinds of stories. From school, to traveling, to relationships, to money, to partying, to what they did last night. I had a long conversation about studying abroad with them, and they gave me some good insight.
  4. Sitting in the back of the bus was a girl and her friend that were pretty PO’ed about the bus breaking down, but they had time to leave and come back with coffees, and with a better mood. 🙂


So did this happen for a reason? Was I meant to meet these people? Was I not meant to go to the shopping plaza today? Maybe I’m not supposed to spend any money?

(I wasn’t planning on splurging anyways.)


Hopefully the new bus comes soon…



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