Minimalism and Law of Attraction

The two seem to contradict each other, don’t they? Law of attraction teaches that you can have anything you want, while minimalists want as little as possible.  We have to be very careful how we think of minimalism. If we spend all our time focusing on a lack, we can’t attract abundance. We  have to understand that the world has an unlimited amount of everything we desire, and any lack is an illusion. Everyone can have everything they want. Minimalism is just about getting rid of the consumeristic mindset that happiness comes from objects. Bigger and more is not necessarily better. I would much rather spend my money on experiences than objects that will rot away after I’m gone. Once we get rid of the desire for stuff and realize how much simpler life is with less things and obligations, we can spend our time achieving our goals. We have to be careful though! Claire and I have a bad habit of feeling guilty after we shop. I know a lot of minimalists feel the same way, when we think about all the money we’ve wasted on useless purchases. While it is important to shop mindfully instead of on a whim, it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while! I’ve seen a lot of my very wealthy friends shop, and they never second guess a purchase because of money. If they like it, they buy it. They know the money will come back to them; they’re never worried about overspending. Excessive budgeting isn’t healthy! By doing this, we’re telling the universe that we don’t have enough, and we will never attract enough. Set aside an automatic system for paying debts, and have a set amount to save each month, but PLEASE don’t overthink the rest. Being a minimalist will save you money by default. xx



5 thoughts on “Minimalism and Law of Attraction

      1. Yes, I just realized going through your blog. I thought you guys were professionals 😛

        Well good start and I can see a lot more that can come from you guys (I mean gals) !

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  1. Hi there nadine and claire, I’m so glad to have found your blog. I really believe in the law of attraction and power of gratitude. I have started to write 3 things im grateful for every day since the beginning of the year and its made a huge difference for me! I also found out about minimalism couple years back and went through the process of ridding all the things I dont need or love. It really is so freeing to only have what you love. Thank you for combining the two concepts beautifully in this blog post. Looking forward to read more from you both.. love from Malaysia


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