Minimize-Save the Environment


Snowy morning walking to class.


Congratulations Leo on winning your first Oscar! But if you listen to his speech, everything he says about climate change is real.

Over 40% of all carbon emissions are from homes and things we do in our daily lives that make up our individual carbon footprint. Just another reason to downsize, become a minimalist and reduce your carbon footprint.

Keep checking back to see a post about how reducing the stuff you own and becoming a minimalist helps the environment and significantly decrease your carbon footprint.



4 thoughts on “Minimize-Save the Environment

    1. I love it! There’s a new invention where instead of putting corpses into caskets/coffins made of undegradable material, there are caskets made of bio-degradable material with tree-seeds, so as the body and casket deteriorate, a tree is planted. So in the future there will be grave-yard forests 🙂

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