Do you Really Need it?

This post is targeted to all you girls (boys too!) that LOVE shopping! I’m saying girls because girls tend to be more materialistic with their shoes, accessories, makeup, purses, jewelry, lingerie, kitchen supplies … the list could go on and on.

But as hard as it is to say no to that new Kylie Jenner lipstick in Candy K, I’m going to be straight up and say it — you absolutely don’t need it.

You also don’t need that cute wallet you found at Target for so cheap, or the cupcake stand at HomeGoods cause you bake cupcakes all the time (not), or the coasters you found at Francesca’s engraved “his” and “hers” that you’re going to save for your future relationship. I can give so many more examples, because they all come from my own personal experience.

Yes, I used to want the coasters so I can use them in my future home with my dream hubby.

Minimalism is definitely a journey, one that I am still going through.

But you ask, why Claire? What’s wrong with shopping? Buying? Spending?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping, buying, and spending. But it’s the mindlessness that goes into it that can be harmful. The mindset that buying Kylie’s lipstick will make you happier, fit in, or impress other people is an unhealthy mindset.

I spent most of my life enjoying spending money. Before I had a job I would ask my father for money, trying to keep up with the latest trends and what my friends have, and having what my friends don’t have.

However, after I found the minimalist lifestyle, I realized how the stuff I owned created a false sense of stuff and even distracted myself from myself. The more stuff I owned, the more I was buried under it. The more I got rid of, I felt more freeing and open. I now struggle to create Christmas or birthday lists for my parents, I have everything I need and could ever want!

It is such a unique feeling to no longer have a desire to shop and think about what you don’t have, and what you want to buy next.

The cool thing is that, if you just look at me walking on the street, no one would think that I have less, am underprivileged, or deprived. Minimalists look like they have their life in order and organized, which is in most cases true!


Check back for a list of things that I don’t own. ❤



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