Happy Spring!

Spring is here!

Spring is a great time to freshly clean out your living areas. Start fresh and clean out your bedroom, kitchen, and car (if applies). Not only living areas, but clean out your schoolwork, documents, files, or mail. I cleared out my phone and deleted all my photos and contacts that no longer needed a place in my phone or life.

Try it — it will feel refreshing and rejuvenating.

I also deleted some playlists on my Spotify that I no longer listen to. I have been loving the “Mellow Pop” playlist, and artists such as Travis and the songs “Indian Summer” by Jai Wolf when I get ready in the mornings and “7 Years” by Lukas Graham when I feel unmotivated.

Also, look at your winter wardrobe, and see if there are any articles of clothing that never got worn during the season. Do you really need to keep it? Is there a reason you never touched it? Did you forget you had it? Donate it!

Not only is spring a great time to clear some excess clutter, but also write down some new goals and aspirations. Updating your vision board is also a great way to re-focus yourself to make sure you know what you want to attract in your pathway.

Try creating some new goals to benefit yourself even more. These can be the the tiniest goals, such as going to bed earlier, eating more fruits and veggies, meeting someone new, helping a stranger, catching up with someone that you lost contact with, read more, be more grateful, and so on. Everyone’s goals will be different, and it is best to focus on yourself. I keep a list on my computer and phone that I update and check frequently to remind myself of my aspirations.

What are some things you are looking forward to this spring? Share with us in the comments. ❤





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