Minimalist’s Birthday

As my 20th birthday is quickly approaching on the 23rd of June, many of my friends and relatives are asking me what I am wishing for or wanting on my birthday.

If they asked me a few years ago, I would most definitely had a list ready to show them of the things I would want. However, this year I cannot think of a single materialistic item that I want. My perception on consumerism and the need to have what others have or don’t have has changed so much, to the point where I actually don’t want anything.

My sister would come up to me and ask me if she should get me jewelry, makeup, clothes, etc., but I just find myself shaking my head. I have all the jewelry I need to make me feel complete, the perfect amount of makeup to make me feel confident, and probably still too may clothes to make me feel sane.

I don’t necessarily feel like I have too much that I don’t need anything more; I am just satisfied with the amount I own now. I am still slowly downsizing my possessions, and I will be more content with my supply after ridding even more clutter in my life.

Follow for an update on how a minimalist spends their birthday.



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