I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22

I spent the most wonderful day with my best New York friends.

7:00pm – June 22

On June 22nd, I went to the Harry Styles concert at Madison Square Garden with my friends that I met in Manchester, England. It was so nice to see Linda and Bia, both which are now working in New York City. Before going to the concert, we grabbed some cheeky Shake Shack. It’s not my favorite, but I can check it off my bucket list.



12:30pm – June 23

The next morning (my birthday) we had a late brunch at Pietro Nolita in lower Manhattan on Elizabeth St. The weather was perfect and I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant. It is a tiny Italian restaurant and everything is pink. The walls, tables, plates, tea cups, napkins, you name it. They even sold shirts saying “Pink As F*ck”. I wanted one, but I probably could never wear it out without getting many strange looks.


After telling the waiter that it was my birthday (yes, I’m that person), he let me choose a dessert and delivered it to me with a pink candle. It was a slice of tiramisu cake, and turned out to be the perfect photo moment. After taking quite a few pictures in different angles and lighting, all three of us indulged in the sweet layered cake.

Our tummies satisfied and awake with coffee (not me, I stay away from any caffeine), we walked to Broadway for some shopping. It turned out to be Pride weekend, and Topshop was glittering faces for free! If you know me, you know I love body glitter. I didn’t hesitate and chose to get rainbow colors to support Pride.

4:00pm, Brooklyn

As the evening approached, I took the subway to Brooklyn to meet one of my best friends. I met Amanda at the airport going to Israel, and we immediately clicked. Despite our 3.5 year age difference, we both have the best girl talks and give each other advice on everything. I don’t see us ever falling apart.

Amanda is born and raised in this concrete jungle, and you can definitely tell. She isnt afraid to floor it right out of her street and generously use the horn for every car that cuts her off. It was my first time experiencing driving through New York City, and I hope to never have to drive through myself.


9:30pm, Manhattan

My night in the city will be continued in another upcoming post. x


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